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Our Acquisition Services

Identifying the right Aircraft

We will help you determine and establish your needs in an aircraft, including aircraft type, model, year, total time, and equipment while keeping you within your operating budget.

Locating the Right Aircraft

With our well-developed network of brokers, dealers, management companies, maintenance facilities and aircraft lenders, we are able to bring aircraft options to you that are simply not available or known to the general public or most brokers.  Often, these "off-market" aircraft are some of the very best aircraft available, both in quality and price.

We work around the clock to make sure our market information is up to date and accurate.  This ensures that if the right aircraft is out there - we will find it for you.

Pre-Purchase Negotiation and Contracting

Our success with clients is not complex - we save them a lot of money, plain and simple. Aircraft selection and price negotiations are both an art and a science. We typically save our clients significant amounts of money on the aircraft acquisition price by finding quality aircraft at competitive prices and by using our negotiating power to obtain further savings for our client.

We walk each client through the formal purchase agreement and the pre-purchase inspection.  These are the two most important elements of any aircraft purchase to protect the interests of our clients and minimize future risk in such a high-value asset. 

Closing and Delivery

During the escrow process and at the time of closing, we will make sure all of the paperwork and financial documents are in order and work directly with the escrow company to ensure a smooth transaction.  Additionally, we can work with our third party specialists for substantial reductions in sales and use tax issues.

We will ensure that all necessary documentation is prepared and ready for delivery, and we can even provide relocation services at that time.

In addition to our full service acquisition, we are then ready to assist you with your Management, Hangar and Maintenance needs.

Whether you are a first time buyer looking for a single engine Cessna or a corporation looking to upgrade to a Gulfstream 650, DeBritton Aviation is here to help you every step of the way.

Each client, and each transaction, is different.  With that in mind, the time until acquisition and closing will differ, but each acquisition will follow our general timeline and process: