At DeBritton Aviation we build lasting customer relationships one client at time with responsive, proactive, personalized service.  In order to do so, we sit down with each aircraft owner and prospective client to discuss their needs, goals and expectations to build a custom plan tailored to their specific needs.

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All management services are provided under 14 C.F.R. Part 91 regulations and applicable IRS rules.  As such, the aircraft owner maintains possession, command, control, and "operational control" of the aircraft  by the exercising of authority over initiating, conducting or terminating a flight.

Perks of Management:

  • Crew Management and Training (Full Time, Part Time or Contract)
  • Trip Support Services
  • Discounted Aircraft Insurance
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Hangar Services
  • Contract Fuel Discounts
  • Monthly Aircraft Activity Reports
  • Catering/Detailing/Stocking
  • Crew Expenses

At DeBritton Aviation, we tailor a comprehensive aircraft management plan for each of our corporate and privately owned aircraft clients.  Our services provide all of the benefits associated with corporate/private aircraft usage without any of the regulatory and administrative workload and headaches. 

We handle all of the particulars of aircraft ownership, giving you the convenience of one direct point of contact and offering a turnkey operation for aircraft owners. You will also benefit from our vast industry relationships and purchasing power to provide you with access to discounts from quality suppliers in fuel, insurance and formal training for flight crews. These savings will significantly, if not completely, offset our aircraft management fee.

Utilizing a reputable aircraft management company is essential to the consistent and safe operation of your aircraft.  For each owner, we will recruit, train, and employ a highly experienced  professional crew dedicated to flying your aircraft. Having a dedicated flight crew enables us to become familiar with your aircraft, often identifying trends and issues before they become problems, anticipating maintenance requirements, and providing an overall higher level of attention to detail. This results in greater reliability and uninterrupted service.

Our aircraft Management services

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